About Us

Well, hello there!  Welcome to the Mighty Pen. I see you have decided to enter upon a journey through the world of the English Language. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Deb and I will be your tour guide throughout this amazing adventure! Ask me any questions along the way, and I will be happy to answer. However, first read ahead. You may find the answers you seek. 

I began my journey over three decades ago in Philadelphia, however, my education and real journey began in a little town called Voorhees, NJ, where I attended Eastern High School and fell in love for the first time-with the written word. 

Jump ahead a few years, after living life and learning from life's experiences, I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies from Peirce College. I also began working as a private investigator/paralegal for a private investigations firm, focusing on employee screenings, due diligence investigation, and finding people and assets. However, beyond using my writing skills in my professional life, I began accepting small jobs relating to writing and English tutoring on the side, to help keep my skills fresh and sharp. 

While I love investigations, I never gave up my love for writing. As a wife and mother, I knew, that my family was my new love, but writing was still my first love. Hence, after I gave birth to a child, I knew I had one more love to bring to life - the birth of

The Mighty Pen!

Deb Ferguson Content Writer, Marketer, Paralegal

Deb Ferguson Content Writer, Marketer, Paralegal