Legal Writing

Once a paralegal, always a paralegal! Having earned a Bachelor degree in paralegal studies from an ABA approved institution, legal writing has become second nature. 

Many sole practice or small practice attorneys find themselves busy at times to need a paralegal to help conduct research,  prepare motions, briefs, and other documents that are part of the legal process, but do not have a need or budget to bring that paralegal on as a full-time employee. 

Paralegal Services

We  have a library of legal document templates at our disposal and the skill set necessary to conduct legal research and write the documents as needed. In addition, we understand the laws of ethics affecting the attorney-paralegal relationship and abide by them with full diligence. 

The Mighty Pen is happy to help as your freelance paralegal, preforming the job as a paralegal as needed to help you and your clients obtain the best legal services available. 

No agreement between attorney and a freelance paralegal will be entered into without a full conflicts check and contract complete with a non-disclosure agreement.