Blogs, Articles, & Email Campaigns

Creating your brand includes numerous pieces, such as: designing your logo; developing your website; creating and maintaining your internet presence; and creating interactive content with existing clients and potential clients. The piece that we are most concerned about and most qualified with which to help you cultivate is that of maintaining your internet presence and interactive content. Combined, this piece is essential to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and requires detailed attention. In most cases, we find this piece is also among the most time consuming of branding pieces. The Mighty Pen is happy to help maintain this essential communication and branding and allow you to focus on running your business. 


Blogs should be an integral piece to your online marketing campaign. They allow you to communicate ideas and tips to your clients and customer base in an informal fashion and provide the ability to add to your search engine optimization.  Unfortunately, running an effective blog campaign takes time, creativity, and diligence. And as business owners, many of us possess everything but the time. Let the Mighty Pen be your blogging arm and allow yourself to use that time to do what you do best, run your business! 


While blogs are an integral part to your marketing campaign, published articles help provide an added benefit of expressing your expertise. Publishing articles in your business's trade magazines, newsletters, and other valued informational sources allow you to expand your reach while showing the world you are truly an expert in your field. However, much like blogging, an article or article marketing campaign can be quite labor intensive, taking your valuable time away from your business at hand. The Mighty Pen can help. We will write your articles in your voice with well researched information combined with the information provided leaving you with the valuable time necessary to continue growing your expertise. 


Emails allow you to tie your entire marketing campaign together. The benefit of a well crafted email campaign, whether it be weekly or monthly newsletters or simply a weekly value add piece to your contacts, is the added touch you have with your professional network and clients. Int he world of advertising, it is said your much "touch" your client base ten times before they remember you and your services. Ten times may not seem like a big deal, however, the touches must be well crafted and showcase your company, while allowing it to stand out from your competitors. The Mighty Pen is happy to help create a meaningful campaign that will add value to your interactions with your customer base.