Website Content

Your website, many times, is your company's only chance at a first impression. If it is sloppy, bare, or poorly written, your business will appear to be sloppy, bare, and poor quality. Therefore, it is essential your website represents you in a manner that demonstrates your commitment to excellence and your customers. 

While a website designer will ensure your website looks amazing and is picked up properly by search engines to help you gin traffic, they may not provide the content for your site. Since it is your business, they often leave the content up to you. the problem is, you know your business inside and out, but your customers do not. And many times, it is difficult to write content from the viewpoint of a person who is looking to learn more and does not understand what you  may consider common knowledge. Add to that the flair necessary to engage a reader and it becomes clear that you may need just a bit of assistance.

Help Is Here

The Mighty Pen offers assistance for your website content. We provide quality website content while working with you to learn your services and convey your message in a manner that will capture the attention of your audience from the first sentence.  We ensure your content is SEO friendly, using necessary keywords to enable search engines to find you easily. We are happy to work with you and/or your web designer to help make your website the best possible first impression of your business.