Resolve to Evolve

The year is 2017. Repeat that phrase over and over in your head to help you forget the past and look to the future. The year is 2017. 2016 is a distant memory. 2016 brought love, loss, triumph, failure, success, and uncertainty. 2017 brings with it all that you can imagine: the sky is the limit! It is time to start fresh, making achievable resolutions to make 2017 a year to remember. This year, Resolve to Evolve.

That is a wonderful tagline, but what does it really mean? How can you apply this to your business, to your life? Break it down. Examine the word resolve. Resolve means to find a solution or resolution. This time of year it is a resolution to make the next year a bit better, to be a better person, to have a more successful year than the past year.

The next part of the phrase to examine is "evolve." to evolve means to grow into a more complex form. When you evolve as a person, you grow into a better, more complex person, leaving behind childish impulses and yearning for the world of culture, lasting friendship, and meaning. 

Therefore, to evolve in business would indicate the growth of a simple business to a more complex business, opting to display a more cultured and diverse business model to the world. A business choosing to resolve to evolve is a business choosing to display their talents in a complex manner that speaks to a new clientele while still maintaining its original reach. This year, make the commitment to evolve. Review your business. Review your marketing materials. Take the leap and evolve how you interact with your clients. try new ideas, like crowdfunding, social media, and blogging. Connect with your clients and make a lasting friendship through commerce.

It you are among the many who will Resolve to Evolve, contact The Mighty Pen at to help you create the campaigns that will help you connect. Enjpoy the New Year and make 2017 one to remember!