Hello, and welcome to The Mighty Pen! Today, we officially begin our new journey. I believe it is very important to be transparent regarding expectations.Therefore, here  is what you can come to expect from me.

First, you can expect excellence. I believe in excellence in not only my finished products, but my overall service. While I am not perfect, i have a solid team of people working along side of me helping to ensure that everything that is delivered is of an excellent, finished quality above reproach. Furthermore, if it does not meet your standard of excellence, I promise to revise the product until it does. Excellent service means that no matter when you contact me or how we communicate, I will respond and work with you to make you feel as though you are my first priority, because, quite frankly, you are.

Second, but not any less important, you can expect integrity. For over the past ten years, I have built a reputation for myself in business as a person of high morals, ethics, and integrity. Changing my business does not include changing this reputation. I believe that if I say something will be done, it will be done in the amount of time allotted at the price promised. If, for some reason, there is a block in getting it done, this will not swept under the rug. It will be confronted and discussed with you to determine an alternative solution. Most importantly, everything I deliver will be completely original, unless otherwise requested.

Finally, you can expect professionalism. I understand that you are a professional and you expect to do business with a professional. I promise to abide by any standards you set forth and to never publicly or privately air any disagreements we may have. Creativity is a process and at times, we may not see eye to eye. However, you are the client and I have promised to deliver excellence and integrity, so, i stand by that promise with professionalism.

I look forward to working with you and delivering on these expectations!