Content Matters

We have all heard the phrase "SEO Content." We often assume that our web designers know exactly what that means and how to produce it. However, many times, web designers ask you for the content to put into your website and depend on your to know who your customers are and how they search for you. Therefore, neither party is actually creating content that matters, because both parties believe it is the job of the other party.

What Is SEO Content

SEO means search engine optimization. SEO Content is content laced with valuable key words to help Google and other search engines find you, index you, and allow others to find you. One of the most important things to remember is that SEO content is words, not pictures or photos. If pictures and photos are utilized, they must be captioned and laced with written content. SEO is not content alone: it includes links to other websites and links back to your site, however, the content is a large part of what makes your site found and indexed by search engines. 

Other Content Keys

Content is much more than just keywords.  It is your company's first impression and often lasting impression to your client base. Whether it be in the form of a website, email, or blog posting, to name a few, it is meant to paint a picture of you and your company that grabs the reader and keeps their interest long enough to leave a lasting impression. 

It is important your content is fresh and exciting. Change it up regularly, whether that entails adding new website content or sending out updates and newsletters on a regular basis. This benefits you and your customer base in several ways. As a business owner, it allows you the ability to "touch" your client base with new and interesting information on a regular basis, supplying more opportunities to be remembered. As a member of your customer base, it supplies useful infroamtion that may be needed in the future.

In the end, no matter how or where the content is released, what is said is as important as how it is said. To learn more about creating content that is useful, contact The Mighty Pen at