How Social Media Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Is your business on Facebook? Do you Tweet? Are we Linked? Can I follow you on Instagram? Fifteen years ago, these questions were not a normal part of anyone’s vernacular. However, in 2019, these questions are often the first questions asked of a business owner after, “What is your website address?” Social media marketing is crucial for a business to survive in today’s marketplace. Putting aside sponsored social media marketing, there is an art to organic social media marketing and a benefit to business that cannot be matched by any other platform.

Social Media Marketing Shows You Are Active

Today’s consumer is typically an educated consumer. He or she will research a company or product and narrow down the choices before stepping foot into a store or making a phone call. A successful business owner is aware of this change in consumerism and will adjust his or her marketing strategies appropriately. Some consumers will trust a sponsored advertisement, especially if they are a bit less computer savvy. Yet most computer savvy consumers will check a myriad of online locations to learn about a business or product and make an informed decision from there. The consumer may first check out the website. Then he or she may look at review websites, like Yelp or TripAdvisor. Then, the consumer will look at the social media profiles of these businesses. Social media profiles that are dormant and have little to no relevant content will be quickly skipped. The assumption is often that the business is not in touch with his or her clientele and may not even be open any longer.

The opposite is true for a business that is very active on social media. A business with relevant posts looks like they are working to always bring new people to their business. Furthermore, they look like experts int heir industries. Businesses that not only post relative content, but respond to others and their reactions or comments to their content, appear to work hard for their business which often means they want their customers to feel as though they matter with every transaction.

Social Media Marketing Translates to New Business

A person may not call your company and say they found you on social media. However, as a result of your social media marketing, they will call your business. Social media marketing does not translate to new business through the traditional means of business development. It is a piece of the puzzle designed to help you constantly reach new and interested customers. If it is lacking, you will notice a decline in inquiries from new potential customers. This is a direct result of not staying relevant. In addition, properly managed social media marketing will help boost your SEO.

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